Vision, Mission, Values


To come alongside pastors, church leaders, and ministry workers in local churches in Atlantic Canada to work together for the health and effectiveness of the local church and the building of God’s kingdom to its fullest potential.


  • To grow Biblical discipleship and strengthen ministry relationships, effectiveness, and calling;
  • To identify, develop, and disciple young men and women into ministry and leadership roles;
  • To inspire, equip, and motivate the local church to experience sustained kingdom growth;
  • To identify potential attitudinal or relational obstacles to successful ministry;
  • To display the fruit of the Spirit and model Biblical priorities.


We affirm that:

  • The local church with her pastor-shepherds and other gifted leaders and members constitutes God’s primary method of extending His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.
  • The Holy Spirit is building His church to be a light to the nations by living and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ/Messiah, making disciples who will make disciples of all nations, and thereby extending Christ/Messiah’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.
  • God is faithful to His word and active in His Church, His Israel, and His nations.
  • The return of Jesus Christ, our Jewish Messiah, draws near. His kingdom rule will come on earth as it is in heaven, literally. Even so, come Lord Jesus.


Eastern Gate Discipleship Ministries:


  • is a Bible-centred, Two Testament, Holy Spirit enabled, discipleship and consulting ministry designed to remind, refresh, rekindle, encourage, teach, and motivate disciples/followers of our Lord Jesus Christ in this 21st century.
  • holds to a conservative evangelical statement of faith, within the Biblical context of the Hebraic foundations of our faith and God’s ongoing covenant and redemptive program with modern Israel and the Jewish people.
  • recognizes and respects that God chose His Son, the Jewish Jesus/Yeshua, as our savior, redeemer, and king.
  • recognizes that believing faith in Jesus/Yeshua is essential to salvation and will result in commitment to faithful action and good deeds; these deeds are essential to Biblical discipleship (faith without good works/deeds is dead).
  • prioritizes the hope and reality of the soon return of Jesus/Yeshua, our Jewish Messiah, to Jerusalem, to establish His kingdom on earth; this hope is essential to Biblical discipleship.
  • recognizes the need for the work of the Holy Spirit for regeneration, for power to witness, for Biblical understanding, interpretation, and application, and, for Christ-like, Godly living and discipleship.
  • highly values the local church, its pastor-shepherds, its educators, and other leadership; and seeks to come alongside to be an encouragement and resource for Christian growth, Biblical maturity, strengthened discipleship, and more active service.
  • recognizes and respects that Gentile believers owe a debt to the offspring of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, are grafted and adopted into the original family of God, and need to actively support Israel and the Jewish people. 
  • recognizes and respects that God chose the Jewish prophets, poets, psalmists, evangelists, and apostles to originally write, record, preserve, transmit, and communicate His oral and written Word.
  • upholds and respects the Inspiration, Reliability, and Authority of the Scriptures – Genesis to Malachi; Matthew to Revelation – as God’s written, self-revelation to all peoples, and, our need for Holy Spirit illumination to discern His Truth. This is essential to Biblical discipleship.